Monday, June 2, 2014

Manufacturer of J -Acid, N - Methyl – J Acid

JEMBY CHEM LIMITED is well established Manufacturer of J - Acid, N - Methyl – J Acid, N - Phenyl – J Acid, N - Acetyl J - Acid, R. W. Acid / DI J - Acid, N - Benzoyl J - Acid, Sulpho J - Acid, Sulpho Tobias Acid, ISO Amino J - Acid, N - Methyl Gamma Acid, Rhoduline Acid, N- Methyl Tobias Acid, etc.
 The company has established its operations in the Ahmedabad city and has been dealing with many overseas companies including MNCs with the commitment to become a truly global company.
JEMBY CHEM LIMITED is committed to consistent quality material and timely deliveries. It is all set to meet the challenging demands of customers.
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